Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is the government body mandated with the promotion of Maldives as a tourist destination. The functions of MMPRC encompasses the full spectrum of marketing and public relations activities including research, surveys, master plans, campaigns, advertising and exposure through traditional media, public relations firms in other countries and the evolving new media. The corporation has its presence all over the world with engagement based on studies of market potential. Every year, MMPRC promotes Maldives in multiple fairs and roadshows with targeted campaigns among multiple other activities abroad and home. MMPRC is committed to positioning and maintaining Maldives amongst the top travel destinations in the world.

Our Mission

Build and sustain a highly identifiable and recognizable Maldives brand that connects with today’s traveler mindset.

Our Vision

Be the most desired holiday destination in the world exemplifying timeless appeal.


The Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation was established by the former President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed on 4 March 2010. The corporation was registered under the Ministry of Economic Development on 14 August 2011. The predecessor to MMPRC was the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) that functioned as a department in the Ministry of Tourism.

We promote the Maldives as a Tourist Destination.

Our Team

Meet the minds behind the brand image of the Maldives. We take pride in having some of the most experienced, educated and passionate marketing professionals in the country working for MMPRC. They are committed to create, promote and sustain the unique image of the Maldives in the global tourism industry.